Glenn Papit

“I called Bloomingdale for a service visit. The phone response was immediate, Sean was at our home by mid-afternoon providing efficient and courteous service. He was professional and solved our problem directly. They will be our service provider going forward.”

Better Business Bureau - December 27, 2017
Heather Pettay

“Amazing service, David was professional and extremely informative. Read so many reviews on companies before choosing Bloomingdale Air and would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you again David.”

Google Review - Dec 22, 2017
Luis Gomez

“David came in on time, he worked around the clock leaving everything perfectly in place and clean. Next time my AC unit needs service I know who to call… David.”

Google Review - Dec 21, 2017
David Williams

“Quick reply, went out of the way to get me scheduled. Repaired issue, technician very helpful! Would recommend.”

Google Review - Dec 15, 2017
Eric Hammons

“Always honest with your best interest in mind. They are one of the “Good guys”.”

Google Review - Dec 13, 2017
Christopher Morgan

“David did a great job diagnosing and correcting the problem with my heat.”

Google Review - Dec 11 2017
Pete Coryn

“After a terrible experience with a large, national AC company, I switch to Bloomingdale Air a couple years ago and will never need to change. The friendly employees and honest feedback makes me a repeat customer that does not hesitate to recommend them. When Acree Air suggested I needed to replace my AC unit and quoted me $18,000!!!! Dave at Bloomingdale did a maintenance check and system service for around $100. He agreed it was an older unit but it had years left and he would happily change the system when it really needed it. It also would cost maybe $5K, saving me $13,000. Great company, cannot stress that enough!”

Website Review - December 4, 2017
Simpson Family

“5-Star Air Conditioning Repair!”

Google Review - Nov 22, 2017
James Rowell

“5-Star Air Conditioning Service!”

Google Review - Nov 9, 2017
Wayne Dodds

“Excellent service. Fast response, quality work, friendly staff. I could not ask for a better experience.”

Google Review - Oct 30, 2017
Stan Heigert

“I’ve been using Bill and his team for close to 15 years and have always been very pleased with the expertise and high level of service. We have strongly recommended them many times to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so.”

Website Review - October 20, 2017
John Ithathirath

“Sean was on time for our 2:30 pm appointment.I had many questions and all of them were answered.He is very knowledgeable,professional and honest.Not the cheapest,however I believe that quality service and products never is.I was recommended by a friend and will continue to recommend Bloomigdale Air to all who needs A/C service.Thank you for your hard work and honesty.”

Website Review - October 19, 2017
James Schmidt

“5-Star AC Repair!”

Google Review - Oct 13, 2017
Jeannette Susana

“David just left my house after repairing a clogged drain line in my house. I was literally miserable for 5 days since it was overflowing and seeping through my laminated wood floors in my bedroom and he was just the kindest and most fair person to come out and give me the relief I needed. He was able to come during the evening time when I got off work and helped me out sooooo much guys you have no idea!! I highly recommend this company and highly recommend working with David P. If you’re reading this, thank you!! :)”

Google Review - Oct 10, 2017
Juliet Daly

“The capacitor went out on our unit on a Wednesday evening, then the fan motor went out on Friday evening. The office explained to me why other companies we called would not come out to even look at our unit. We called after 6 pm both days and we had AC by 7:30 both days. The are quick, reasonably priced and didn’t try to sell us anything we didn’t need, they didn’t even charge us for a 2nd service call for coming back out Friday night. I highly recommend this company if you need AC work done. It was a painless experience.”

Facebook - Oct 7, 2017
Brandon Rardin

“David came out immediately and inspected our unit. He put together a very reasonable quote for the repairs needed. I even had another company come to look at it and put together an estimate and Bloomingdale Air’s was better. I highly recommend their services.”

Google Review - Oct 3, 2017
Andrew Sickel

“Great service and gave helpful advice. Certainly, recommend.”

Google Review - Oct 3, 2017
Michelle Massie

“Hi Mr. Geary, Sorry it’s taken so long to respond.  You offered Outstanding service to me and my family and will refer you to anyone needed to have their ducts cleaned. Thanks again for your help!

Website Review - October 20, 2017
Mike Korby

“Excellent service, very thorough. Thank you!”

Google Review - Sept 28, 2017
Ateiuq Westum

“The air went out on a Friday evening. I tried my best over the entire weekend to do what I could to fix it as I wanted to avoid calling an air conditioning company. But once Monday came around my teenager, two dogs and I had suffered enough. Calling Bloomingdale Air was the absolute best decision I could’ve ever made.

Bill answered the phone and explained a technician would be calling. While I was on the phone the tech Dave expressed concerns and walked me through a few things. Although they did not work I discovered a lot about my unit. Dave didn’t think he could make it same day. So we hung up and within minutes Bill called informing me he would personally come out.

Bill was very friendly, helpful, courteous, and most of all knowledgeable. He ensured that I knew what was going on every step of the way. Quoted me a price that was beyond reasonable upfront, attacked the issue, and did not try to sell me anything I didn’t need. All companies should take a note or two from Bloomingdale air – I AM A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!”

Facebook - Sep 27, 2017
Marcellyne Penny

“Prompt, friendly, honest, and efficient. Great service all around.”

Google Review - Oct 23, 2017
Darnelle Hilton

“Quality work and always on time.”

Google Review - Sept 21, 2017
Gene Di Bartolo

“Careful and thorough. When Sean left, I felt confident that our system was in good shape and properly serviced for continued trouble-free operation.”

Google Review - Sept 18, 2017
David Tyre

“Great job by David!!”

Google Review - Sept 15, 2017
Debbie Cerrato

“Just had Bloomingdale Air come to service my a/c unit. The unit was leaking all over the garage, tried calling many places but Bloomingdale Air was there within the hour. The tech “Sean” was very knowledgeable and courteous and got right to work on the problem. He explained what he was doing and also taught me a little about my a/c. I am so pleased to have had Sean service the unit, he made me very comfortable and didn’t try to sell me anything. Will definitely use and recommend them to everyone. Thank You again!”

Website Review - September 15, 2017
Teri Uno

“A couple of days ago we needed service at night and the first company could not help. I called Bloomingdale Air fifteen minutes before they closed and got Bill on the line. He didn’t have anyone available but said he would come after he closed the shop. He did and replaced a part for a reasonable price. We had air working again thanks to Bill and his compassion. I recommend Bloomingdale Air to everyone!”

Google Review - Sept 14, 2017
Kristen Woodward

“Great service! Will use again!”

Google Review - Oct 13, 2017
Brandon Roeder

“5-Star AC Service!”

Google Review - Sept 8, 2017
Julio Torres

“5-Star Like!”

Facebook - Sep 6, 2017
Steven Holub

“We have relied on Bill Carver and his team at Bloomingdale Air for all our air conditioner service, repairs, and replacements for years, and always been delighted with his professionalism, pricing, and promptness. He has always put us first and always made sure to recommend the most economical solution to our a/c problems. We routinely recommend him to all our neighbors and friends and are pleased to do so again here after yet another good experience today.”

Google Review - Sept 2, 2017
Brooks Paulk

“Good job great tech.”

Google Review - Sept 1, 2017
Denise Manzo

“Great service. Explained exactly what he was doing. Sean called to give eta when he was running a few minutes late. Would def recommend!”

Google Review - Sept 1, 2017
Sasha dos Santos

“Just left us 5-Stars!”

Google Review - Aug 25, 2017
Christine P.

“Called Bloomingdale Air right at closing time, with the AC unit not working in August. The tech was extremely nice on the phone and came himself immediately to resolve the issue. He identified the problem quickly and showed us how he was going to fix it. Super knowledgeable, professional and extremely polite. With a 2 and 3 year old in bed, we were worried about a night with no air, but Bloomingdale Air solved all of our problems! We highly recommend them to all.”

Yelp! - Aug 24, 2017
Meredith Kosmoski

“We were having a party on the 4th of July and the AC went out. Called Bloomingdale Air and they came out the same day and fixed it at a very reasonable price. We will be using them from now on and be referring them!”

Google Review - Aug 22, 2017
Rene N Dave Gibson

“David Peralta is an excellent tech, professional and personable, we will definitely be using Bloomingdale Air for our a/c servicing. Gotta keep cool in Florida :)”

Facebook - Aug 21, 2017
Leon Sexton

“The entire team are great folks. They are always kind, explain the problem & explain the fix in language you understand, standby their quote, professional, on time, and just a great bunch of folks. Bill replaced the drain line today & did an outstanding job. I know I will forget someone, but Dave and Shawn are great to work with also.”

Google Review - Aug 19, 2017
Thomas Denny

“Just had Bloomingdale Air come to check out my air. I had water leaking from the unit inside the garage. I called quite a few places but they came within the hour. The tech that came “Sean” was very professional and knowledgeable, he made me very comfortable, didn’t try to sell me anything and took care of the problem right away, he also explained to me about my a/c unit and how it works. Will definitely recommend and use Bloomingdale Air again.”

Google Review - Sept 15, 2017
Bret G.

“While not happy I had to call Bloomingdale air (my normal AC people weren’t available) and not happy about my AC problems I can’t say anything bad about Bloomingdale air. I called about 7 on a Thursday night and after a callback, William said there was no technician available but since he was in doing some paperwork anyway he would come to have a look. He did a great job. was very upfront and honest. I felt that at no time was he ever trying to oversell or pressure for certain repairs and service. he had us up and running in an hour. The cost was very fair. I would highly recommend them. and will gladly use them again.”

Yelp! - Aug 11, 2017
Alison Meyer

“Sean was prompt, polite and thorough. He answered all our questions and showed us how to help maintain the AC system throughout the year. Thanks!”

Google Review - Aug 8, 2017
Gary Theiss

“Was able to come out at a busy time and fix the problem!”

Angies List - Aug 5, 2017
Robert Eastman

“They have always been very professional and honest. I would recommend them anytime.”

Google Review - Aug 1, 2017
Craig Richard

“Replacing an AC unit is a major expense. Bloomingdale Air gave me great confidence in a quality installation without being ripped off. Very knowledgeable and professional technicians created a positive experience.”

Angies List - Jul 31, 2017
Al Acevedo

“Would rate their service higher if I could. Bill provided quick and expert service. He explained everything that he did in simple terms. A.C. running perfectly. Even got the wife’s approval. Thank you very much Bill.”

Google Review - Jul 30, 2017
Chris Roman

“Great customer service. In the middle of a Florida summer, Sean was able to come out the same day and resolve our issue. Highly recommended”

Google Review - Jul 25, 2017
Dee Prether

“Excellent service – professional, courteous, punctual and knowledgeable. I will continue to use their service.”

Facebook - Jul 25, 2017
Lisa Beaver

“The user didn’t write a review but left just a 5-Star rating.”

Google Review - Jul 24, 2017
Robert Phares

“Excellent job!”

Angies List - Jul 24, 2017
Mike Schreiner

“Bloomingdale Air is the best, highly recommend.”

Google Review - Jul 22, 2017
Cooper Jessica

“Started using these guys over ten years ago, and should have rated them sooner. They’ve been honest, reliable, and quick to show up the few times we’ve needed them, and have never let us down after recommending them to friends/ family (which is a lot of responsibility). Thanks!”

Facebook - Jul 22, 2017

“David provided excellent service. I feel he was very honest and the price was extremely fair. He told me how much before performing the repair. I will tell everyone I can about David and Bloomingdale Air. Thank you so much!”

Google Review - Jul 20, 2017
Kathleen G.

“Sean showed up on time. He was professional, hard working, and honest. I will definitely use them again!”

Yelp! - Jul 17, 2017
Merle Foote

“I called Bloomingdale Air after the company that my home warranty sent ensured that the repair would not be covered by giving misleading information in their report. They then pressured me to purchase a new system for $7000, telling me it would be several days before they could be out to make the repair, but could install a new system the next morning and would put my family up in a hotel. I was not buying their pressure tactics. When Bill from Bloomingdale Air came out he found that the problem was the result of 2 copper lines vibrating together, which caused a hole in one and evacuated all refrigerant in the system. Bill repaired the hole, tested the system then reloaded it with M099 refrigerant, saving me over $5800. I will most definitely call Blooming Dale Air should I ever need another AC repair, and I will recommend their honest and knowledgeable service to anyone asking for a recommendation. With honest service from AC companies being so hard to find in Florida, the folks at Bloomingdale Air are most definitely 1 in 1,000,000.”

Google Review - Jul 15, 2017
Gustave Adams

“The user didn’t write a review and left just us a 5-Star rating.”

Google Review - Jul 14, 2017
Bernie Sarratea

“Amazing commitment to excellent customer service with no BS! Sean is fantastic and truly a pleasure to have him work on our AC.”

Facebook - Jul 13, 2017
Manuel Manso

“Bill has come to our rescue so often, he is like family. Sean came out this time and he did an awesome job.”

Facebook - Jul 11, 2017
EcoSmart Pest Solutions

“Awesome service!! I had an emergency this weekend I had Sean and David come to my rescue and fix my issue I LOVE BLOOMINGDALE AIR!!! Would recommend to anyone, world-class service.”

Google Review - Jul 10, 2017
Danny Blevins

“The user didn’t write a review and has left just a 5-Star rating.”

Google Review - Jul 10, 2017
Chad Wandall

“On-Time and friendly service trustworthy company not in it for a buck will shoot you straight and have your best interest in mind”

Google Review - Jul 6, 2017
Tammy Blackburn

“Bloomingdale Air was recommended to me by my brother-in-law who had always had a good experience with the company. I understand why. Sean did an excellent job servicing our AC units. He was courteous and explained any issues that he ran across. He was honest and easy to talk to and I felt comfortable discussing the service with him. He was right on time and left every area clean. When he left, I felt that my units had been thoroughly cleaned and were optimized for the summer heat. I would recommend Sean and Bloomingdale Air to do the job fairly and not try to oversell you on “what you need”. I really appreciate the service I received.”

Google Review - Jul 5, 2017
Jeff Shotwell

“I have had issues with my AC each of the last three summers. Decided if I had issues again this year I would go ahead and replace the system. Had several companies come to give estimates. Settled on Bloomingdale Air and it had nothing to do with the price. They were not the cheapest. They were right in the middle. But they were by far the most professional and the most comprehensive. David came to the house and explained everything very well. After reviewing the estimates, he was at the house two days later to put the new system in. He and Bill were meticulous in their work. They simply will not cut corners. I can’t imagine they would have done a better job had they been installing a system at their own home. They are certified American Standard dealers and I previously had a Trane system which is made by the same manufacturer. But their evaluation of all AC system options was on par with the many reviews I read online. I looked at Carrier, Trane, American Standard and several others. Maybe the most important thing was the labor warranty that came with the deal. They stand behind their work. I will never let anyone touch this system but Bloomingdale Air. But after watching them work, I doubt anyone will have to touch it for a long long time. I highly recommend this company. Their integrity and pride in their work is unmatched in the industry. Jeff”

Google Review - Jul 3, 2017
Steven & Elizabeth Lanz

“Called Bloomingdale Air late on a hot July Friday evening. They immediately sent David out to the house. He was able to remedy the situation. He was very professional. Recommend Bloomingdale Air. Will be a repeat customer should the need ever arise.”

Google Review - Jul 2, 2017
David Wickersham

“On time arrival, service exceeded expectations. will call them again.”

Google Review - Jun 30, 2017
Meg Mccracken

“I called Bloomingdale Air on a Saturday and left a message explaining our air conditioner was not working. They called me back promptly at 8 am when they opened. Sean Geary helped me problem solve what could be wrong over the phone and we were able to fix the problem ourselves (The float valve was triggering the handler to shut off so we needed to clear a clogged drainage pipe). This saved us a lot of money. We scheduled a maintenance call. Sean arrived On time. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and honest. He walked my husband through the process of checking the system and applying preventive maintenance. We were very pleased with his service and will definitely be using them again in the future.”

Google Review - Jun 28, 2017
Carl Helenius

“Dave provided excellent service fixing my A/C quickly and efficiently!”

Facebook - Jun 27, 2017
Kathy Steinfeldt

“This company is a small family owned business and you will get exceptional care from them. We have been relying on Sean for our air conditioner repair and yearly maintenance for about 3 or 4 years. He is very thorough and explains everything about how you can take care of your ac equipment better so it will last longer and run more efficiently. We recently bought a new home with a new ac and had Sean come to check it out for us. He found multiple safety issues with it and also did the research to find out where it was purchased from in the first place so we could contact them to get them to permit it and repair the problems with it. He spent extra time to do all of this and got it running more smoothly. He is professional, efficient and knowledgeable and we highly recommend him and his company, Bloomingdale Air to anyone we know. You can’t do better than this company.”

Google Review - Jun 23, 2017
Mimi Miller

“Awesome company!! David is very knowledgeable and takes the time to answer any questions you may have. I would definitely recommend Bloomingdale Air to everyone. I know we will continue to use them as our a/c service company.”

Facebook - Jun 22, 2017
Nicole Cardwell

“David always is on time, explains everything to me, tells me exactly what was needed and what he did. Will continue to use the company as long as David can come out.”

Google Review - Jun 21, 2017
Gregory Hepburn

“Returned call promptly and set time for a home visit; assessed repair and provided an estimate and home visit. Returned to perform the repair at the given time frame; completed the repair in a timely manner per estimate. Great customer service: satisfied customers. Thanks, Sean!”

Google Review - Jun 20, 2017
Daniel Lesneski

“A/C was not cooling, changed the capacitor then tested to make sure it was cooling. Will hire again!”

Angies List - Jun 19, 2017
Malen OL

“The user didn’t write a review and has left just a rating.”

Google Review - Jun 15, 2017
Deborah Arnett

“Sean at Bloomingdale Air has got to be the BEST AC TECH in the area!!! He is very thorough in diagnosing the problems and solved everything with very affordable repairs. When he came out he also identified a very serious wiring issue that I had just paid another local electrician to fix. I recommend Bloomingdale Air to everyone that is looking for a company you can trust, which is so hard to find these days. Bloomingdale Air IS the company for all your AC and Heat services. Thanks, Sean!!! The above review is an update from services rendered today, June 13, 2017. I have removed my previous negative review. I hadn’t even noticed Mr. Carver’s response. Yes-thank you for admitting we are in a world of “things happen sometimes”.I am so glad we got past all that because when Sean came out to service my AC-I realized I was dealing with a company very different than any other. IN A GOOD WAY!!! You guys deserve more than 5 stars. We have been living without AC for over a year -have been told every lie under the sun by several other AC companies and couldn’t afford the cost of their repairs. I was at my wit’s end and decided to try your company again since no one actually ever came out the first time. I’m so glad I did because as I am typing this I’m sitting in a cool house for the first time in over a year and I could afford the repair!! Thanks Bloomingdale Air!! I have to suggest that you wrap Sean’s truck with that cool logo since he is an excellent representative for your company!!”

Google Review - Jun 13, 2017
Julissa Rosario

“Bloomingdale was fixing our a/c in less than 6 hours. David was fast and very courteous. We will definitely use them in the future.”

Facebook - Jun 5, 2017
Scott Whittenburg

“Conducted an initial visit to identify the issue. Found the problem and provided options to fix the problem. On the follow visit the tech was able to fix the problem within the identified time frame and within the cost estimate. I would definitely use this company again.”

Angies List - Jun 5, 2017
Rollin Seeley

“Bloomingdale Air was a great choice! Like most people I dread having to repair or replace anything with my home, because i’m afraid of getting ripped off. Well Sean Geary was great he explained everything in detail and answered all of my 100 questions. I did get 2 other quotes they were all within a hundred bucks of each other, I chose BA because of the honesty and integrity that was shown when they did the inspection. I will recommend Bloomingdale Air and Sean Geary to anyone with A/C issues! Thanks!!!!”

Google Review - May 25, 2017
Krysia MacAulay

“Great service! Dave is very knowledgeable and was able to come out the same day we had an issue. The only AC service we will ever call on!”

Facebook - May 25, 2017
Marian Dam

“Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Bill found out what was wrong in minutes. Install was quick once part arrived. Will be using them for my future maintenance!”

Angies List - May 25, 2017
Marian Dam

“Really glad I found Bill and this company. I appreciated that when I called with my problem, I was able to speak to the actual person coming to diagnose my AC problem. My blower suddenly stopped working and Bloomingdale Air was the first company I called and Bill was knowledgeable, easy to reach and punctual. He understood my situation and squeezed me in same day, that was important to me. He is Trustworthy and didn’t try to sell me anything else. He fixed my problem and got my AC working as soon as parts were in. They also have a warranty service with all their repairs which provides me a piece of mind. Will be using them for future maintenance needs especially with their 8a-8p availability!”

Google Review - May 24, 2017
Karen Emmons

“5-Star Review”

Google Review - May 24, 2017
David Kraunelis

“The service was fantastic! We appreciate the honesty and integrity of Bill and his company. For any A/C related services, we would absolutely recommend Bloomingdale Air.”

Google Review - May 23, 2017
Celeste Hortman

“Saved my day!! Worked with my schedule with no issues or concerns. Would totally recommend!”

Google Review - May 19, 2017
Robert Diefendorf

“Drain line clear d and installed a cleanout where I can put bleach in the line to keep algae from growing.”

Angies List - May 19, 2017
Preston Lockhart

“Quick, affordable and courteous. David was great! Showed up early and took little of my time. Getting the maintenance plan.”

Google Review - May 17, 2017
John Smith

“Excellent! We were always popping the kitchen circuit breaker, so the electrician came out. He was prompt, very courteous and excellent. He even gave us a breakdown of how many amps each appliance or lights were drawing. Once we knew that, it was an easy fix. It hasn’t happened since.”

Angies List - May 15, 2017
Clifford Ruhlman

“They are very responsive and upfront in all their dealings with us. Will definitely call them again!”

Google Review - May 13, 2017
Gregory Czaus

“I called Bloomingdale air several years ago when I was having an issue with my AC and split controls. It was July or August and on a Saturday and they made time to get out same day by some miracle. I was ecstatic with the service and vowed they were my New AC’s company now and into the future. Fast forward a few years and I needed a new AC and decided to price shop. Ended up going with another company to save a few dollars. Major mistake and cost me more in the end. The other company much larger that I will not mention sent a team of 2 that could not get the new unit to run. They took all day and into the night and had to call other technicians in only to find out it was not wired correctly. They sent another technician the next day to double check everything where he made some tweeks. A week later I noticed my unit never turned off. One of my zones was always colder than thermostat was set and my upstairs bonus room was HOT as it had very little air flow. I called a ticket in and they sent one tech that ruled out the AC and stating it was an issue with the Zoning and he thought a wire to a damper motor was cut. He sent a tech that was suppose to be experienced with zones the following week. This is when the fun starts. The Tech showed up 2 hours late and spent three hours diagnosing the issue and running a whole new wire to a damper motor which made matters worse. He left and charged me $300 stating that I had to change all my damper’s and would send another person out to quote but to expect $800-1200’s. Knowing that something was not done correctly and losing total confidence in company “A” I called Bill from Bloomingdale Air whom I never met but have spoken to on the phone over the years. He squeezed me in the same day. Bill Bill quickly determined several things: 1.) The motor that the other company installed was not installed correctly and quickly corrected that issue 2.) Determined the wiring that the company did was completely wrong. They disconnected it from the Zone 2 Damper and wired the Zone 2 to a recirculating pressure damper. I am probable butchering that but needless to say wired to the wrong equipment. Bill spent the next 30 minutes undoing all the work the other company did and found the root cause of the issue. He found the actual Damper for the zone that was getting too much air and was drawing air from the second zone and the damper was stuck in the open position. He broke the circuit and reestablished the circuit that allowed the damper to close. He fined tuned a few things and VIOLA. After he put spent most of his time putting everything back to original he diagnosed and fixed the issue in 10-15 minutes. He recommended leaving the motor in place “as it may not happen again” but if it does fail again to replace the motor which will permanently fix the issue. He did this at a fraction of the cost of the $300 service call of the other company. and the Dampers turned out to be fine. Long story but in the end this is a reputable, honest, knowledgeable company with experienced technicians as I worked with several and all are high caliber. I will recommend them to my family and friends without hesitation and could kick myself for moving away just to save a few dollars. They are my air conditioning company moving forward!! Thank you Bil!! You took a stressful situation and made it easy. You also saved me another $1000 minimum that would not have solved anything especially if they changed the wrong Damper!!! PS he also spoke to the other company which he did not have to do as I could not explain all details and helped to get me a credit for the service call. ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!”

Google Review - May 12, 2017
Stephen Wilkinson

“Bill was excellent!! He was at my house within 20 minutes of my call. He was very good at explaining everything also!!!”

Google Review - May 11, 2017
David Ogden

“As always prompt, courteous and professional.”

Website Review - May 11, 2017
Gary Theiss

“Did an outstanding professional job!”

AngiesList Review - May 10, 2017
Richard Schmandt

“Excellent work, believe air coming out of ducts is close to dust free now.”

Google Review - May 3, 2017
Ed Holloway

“WOW… finally an AC company I can trust to do a good job and not over charge or feel like I’ve been taken advantage of. Bill was very professional, on time, and described to me the problem why my AC would not get below 79 degrees and put a game plan together for future service. It’s nice to find a company who cares about their customers like family.”

Google Review - May 2, 2017
Athena Jamanila Reed

“Bloomingdale Air is always professional and up front. On time and no hassles. I always recommend them :)”

Facebook Review - May 1, 2017
Ed Olmsted

“Five Star Review!”

Google Review - May 1, 2017
Paul Anton

“Five Star Review!”

Facebook Review - Apr 30, 2017
Ray Garrett

“Five Star Review!”

Google Review - Apr 29, 2017
Jamie Stencel

“Five Star Review!”

Google Review - Apr 29, 2017
Lori Hallman

“Five Star Review!”

Facebook Review - Apr 29, 2017
Dan Lesneski Sr.

“Not only were they fast, also very affordable. I will recommend to anyone who needs A/C service.”

Facebook Review - Apr 28, 2017
Ken Smith

“Did a good thorough job.”

Google Review - Apr 24, 2017
Jose Allen

“They answered my call quickly, got to my place after business hours within 45 minutes and they fixed my A/C faster than I expected. Great and courteous service!”

Yelp! Review - Apr 24, 2017
Level Strahan

“Absolutely amazing experience!! On my way home from work I get a call from my wife. She’s telling me it’s over 80 degrees in our house. My wife and eight month old baby are sweating and uncomfortable so I look up different air condition businesses and I decided to give Bloomingdale Air a call. All I had to say was my baby daughter was hot and they were on their way. Got there in 45 minutes, fixed and nothing but great service. I’m a lifetime customer now. Thanks guys!”

Google Review - Apr 23, 2017
Penny Guerrero

“Very good. The tech David Peralta was very professional and knowledgeable about the air conditioning. No high-pressure sales just great service. Was very punctual was actually early from the time he gave me. Will definitely use this company again and recommend to friends and family.

AngiesList Review - Apr 22, 2017
Grace Boyd

“Called them and David came right out. The service was fantastic. He was very pleasant and informative. Will use them again. I give them 5 stars. “

Website Review - Apr 22, 2017
Sean O’Hallaron

“David was very helpful and accommodating. He explained the problem and what my options were, and he didn’t try to sell, upsell, or overcharge me on anything. Overall a great experience.”

Google Review - Apr 18, 2017
Alberto De La Rosa

“Sean was great! Very knowledgeable and performed the services to my expectations. Very competitive pricing. Would definitely recommend. Thanks, Bloomingdale Air! Alberto”

Google Review - Apr 14, 2017
Judy Kulstad

“Tech was great and explained everything.”

Google Review - Apr 13, 2017
Mike Waller

“Sean did a great job of servicing my AC, I highly recommend Sean and Bloomingdale Air.”

Facebook Review - Apr 11, 2017
Sherri Theiss

“On time, honest, did a great job. Will use them again for my A/C issue.”

Facebook Review - Apr 11, 2017
Alicia Strahan

“Super fast, super great service. Of course, our AC started having issues after the typical 9-5 day. So we gave them a call & explained that we had an issue with the house being hot & a hot, grumpy infant. & they came right out & fixed the AC within 45 minutes. Great experience! 10/10 would highly recommend!”

Google Review - Apr 6, 2017
Kathy Munger

“Extremely professional, punctual, and explained exactly what he was doing. Know hesitation at all with referring them to my family and friends.”

AngiesList Review - Apr 5, 2017
Steve Nelson

“Outstanding service and highly recommend! They installed a complete AC unit last year and it’s been wonderful. I also use them for all of my annual service and I couldn’t ask for better support. Totally recommend!”

Google Review - Apr 4, 2017
Anthony Accetta

“Sean was the tech that came out to help me get my unit up and running again. Answered all my questions and some. Completely satisfied with the level of service from Bloomingdale Air and Sean. Will recommend to my Riverview friends & neighbors!”

Yelp! Review
Bill Burchfield

“The county inspector just left. He said he has seen your work before and it is good work and consistent. He said you wouldn’t believe others that he inspects that have issues but he jokingly said he could not name names. Thanks for the installs David. Great job!”

Email Review
Matt Donovan

“Highly recommend. These guys care about what they do and they do it well. Had a few bad experiences with A/C companies in the past and am very grateful to have found a place like Bloomingdale Air!”

Google Review
Anthony LaColla

“Staff was extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with.”

AngiesList Review
Gary David

“I had a great experience with Bloomingdale Air. Called them early in the morning and they got back to me very promptly and the technician came over during the time frame I was quoted. David did an excellent and thorough job diagnosing the problem and went above and beyond during the repair. He even went over how my system works and showed me the proper way to maintain it. I’ve never experienced this high a level of customer care from any home service company and would highly recommend using them for any AC job.”

Google Review
Jamelia Beach

“I have been a client of Bloomingdale Air since 2001. I was recommended by a friend, and it was the best decision I have ever made. He is very professional and friendly, and I still have the same air conditioner unit since 2001. The maintenance makes a difference. He really cares like I’m family.”

Google Review
Deep Singh

“Very professional”

Website Review
Jacqueline Beckley

“Very nice and helpful. Explained all he checked and what could be done. I felt he was very thorough.”

Website Review
Sam Lippencott

“These guys had me up and running in a matter of hours. Fantastic customer service. Couldn’t be happier.”

Google Review
Edward Marchiselli

“Great Company. Thanks!”

Google Review
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