Replacement Air Conditioning Systems

How to Buy an Air Conditioning System

Typically most consumers don’t properly plan for the replacement of their homes heating and cooling system. Often it’s the result of an unexpected AC service call on the hottest day of the year and usually at the most inopportune time. Under these circumstances, hasty decisions in desperation should be avoided. Understand, the choices you are about to make are going to have a long-lasting financial benefit or burden through efficiency, reliability and overall cost of ownership. Do your research, talk to your friends and neighbors, it is imperative that you find an ethical and trustworthy contractor that is capable of providing the quality and craftsmanship you deserve. Be conscious of the pricing but avoid playing the low price game. In residential replacement contracting, searching for the lowest price is a quest for the lowest common denominator. It’s seeking a lower standard when the contractors conscience sets the minimums. Low-ball contractors always find ways to make their service cheaper than their price.

Purchasing Process

We understand how overwhelming it can be purchasing a new air conditioning system for your home. What starts off as a simple need to replace a broken or worn out box that blows cold quickly escalates into something much more. Within a vast sea of “best value” and “least expensive” finding the best fit can be challenging. Our honest and straightforward approach is simply to assess the heating and cooling requirements of your home, establish a budget and present you with a few options, a few recommendations, and a few alternatives. Our goal is to keep everything as straightforward and hassle-free as possible and our no pressure approach will ensure you the time to decide if we’re the right contractor for your needs.

Up-Front Pricing

Once the purchasing decisions have been made everything proposed and agreed upon will be up-front and in writing before the start of any work. Our written agreements are all-inclusive and include everything from permitting to completion with nothing to question and nothing extra to pay.

Convenient System Financing

Our easy financing option offers a straightforward and convenient way to make your next air conditioning system purchase more affordable. For more information, please inquire with one of our sales associates.

Promotions and Rebates

Save on qualifying high-efficiency heat pump and AC systems with special finance and or rebate incentives. For more information, please inquire with one of our sales associates.


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