Concerned About Your Air Conditioner Flooding? Part 2

During a catastrophic event such as a hurricane, your air conditioner is at the mercy of heavy winds, flooding, and debris. The aftermath is when you’ll find the damage to your home and this includes your ac unit. This is especially true if you failed to secure your system beforehand by shutting off your air conditioner, including the thermostat and breaker.

We’ll continue our tips for identifying and handling flood issues where your air conditioner is concerned. If you haven’t already, read part one of our article to learn more.

Safety First

Your first thought is likely to get your home cleaned and cleared of debris and such, but it’s important that you be sure your home is safe before you do so. It’s also important to err on the side of caution with your air conditioner because there may be water damage or debris lodged in its ducts or fans. Before restarting your system, check for the following:

  • • Is the unit submerged in water?
  • • Have trees or other objects damaged the unit?
  • • Are the vents and the cooling fan clear of debris?
  • • Are the refrigerant and electrical lines intact?

Inspect Your HVAC System

You’ll need to determine if your HVAC system is damaged. If your system is underwater or debris is inside the system, it’s likely that some damage has been done. The longer your system is underwater, the greater the potential for damage. If your system was never shut off before the hurricane, power flowing to your system will only further damage the system. Ductwork should also be inspected for water buildup which could lead to future mold issues.

If your unit hasn’t been hit, is free from debris, and not submerged in water, you can turn it on to test it. Once on, perform another inspection by listening for sound and smell. It should be free of signs of electrical shorting and the smell of smoke. If you do hear and smell anything out of the ordinary, you may need an ac repair in Valrico, FL.

Call in a Professional

If you think your system has been damaged, it’s company such Bloomingdale Air specializing in ac repair in Valrico, FL can come to your home to expect your equipment and wiring and confirm whether your air conditioner is functioning properly before you try to use it again. There’s a chance your system may need to be replaced which means you may need to look into getting a portable air conditioner in the meantime.

To schedule an air conditioning repair in Valrico, FL please fill out our service request form or give us a call at 813-685-2665.


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