Concerned About Your Air Conditioner Flooding? Part 1

Florida residents have been the recipients of heavy rain or flooding due to Hurricane Irma. Many people may not think much of their air conditioner until it stops working and that’s likely what has occurred if your home is among the millions that suddenly lost power recently. Flooding can do great damage to your HVAC system, this is why our Brandon air conditioning service experts would like to provide you with some advice about preparing your air conditioner for a storm and what to do if your air conditioner is exposed to flooding. Read part two to learn more.

Before a Storm

Florida will always be susceptible to hurricanes and flooding from any tropical storm. It’s important to know the following so you’ll be better prepared for future storms:

  • • Turn off your unit before a major storm
  • • Ensure your tie-down straps are still in good shape
  • • Cover the condenser with tarp
  • • Invest in a surge protector
  • • Trim large trees near your unit
  • • Remove loose outdoor items such as patio furniture

Newer air conditioners are secured to the concrete base by tie-down straps which are wind-resistant up to 150 mph. This will prevent your unit from being knocked off base by high winds. If your unit doesn’t have tie-down straps, this could cause your unit to get tossed in extremely high winds. A surge protector will absorb and divert the excess electricity to protect your air conditioner. If you find that you need to replace your unit, be sure to consider a surge protector. Tie-down straps are already a requirement for newer air conditioning models.

Ways Flooding Can Affect Your HVAC System

Exposure to flooding can affect your air conditioner in various ways. Water can cause your electrical system to fail. Your compressor motor may short circuit and the electrical components may corrode. Your system may break down if water causes internal damage by causing them to deteriorate.

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