Why Spring is a Good Time for HVAC Maintenance

It’s likely the condition of your HVAC system doesn’t even cross your mind unless it stops working properly. That’s generally when many people will pick up the phone to request a Brandon air conditioning service for their home. Did you know you could prevent some of your HVAC woes with preventative maintenance? As a matter of fact, springtime is one of the best times to do so.

The Benefits of Spring Time Maintenance

As they say “a stitch in time saves nine.” You must view your HVAC system like the human body or a vehicle—it needs regular check-ups to ensure it’s healthy and functioning properly. Without these checkups you could end up dealing with a serious problem that could have been avoided. Spring time preventative maintenance is beneficial for several reasons:

  • • You’ll reduce indoor allergens
  • • You’ll improve indoor air quality
  • • You’ll increase your system’s efficiency
  • • Your warranty will remain in good standing
  • • You’ll spot issues before they get out of hand

Helpful Maintenance Tips

Some people choose to perform their own maintenance, and that is ok if you know what you are doing. Following are a few tips to get you started.

  • Tip 1: Replace filters every 30-90 days
  • Tip 2: Purchase high-quality furnace filters
  • Tip 3: Clean and dust register and return vents
  • Tip 4: Look for mold in ducts, coils, drip pan, drain, and air handler
  • Tip 5: Give the system a break by using fans or opening windows

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Today, DIY projects are all the rage, but nothing can replace the expertise of a Brandon ac repair contractor. It’s easy to miss a serious issue that a trained professional is more equipped to identify. Do not take the passive approach to HVAC maintenance because serious repairs or replacements can get expensive. At Bloomingdale Air, we offer affordable maintenance plans including inspections and tune-ups. We are more than happy to conduct a thorough examination of your system to ensure it’s functioning properly.

To schedule a Brandon air conditioning service, please fill out our service request form or give us a call at 813-685-2665.


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