Tips This Winter for Your AC Unit

In the Florida wintertime, we enjoy weather in the low 60s giving your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) some breaks from time to time. Even if we do use our HVAC units less frequently, it’s important to take good care of your AC system this December to ensure it will be ready to go when things heat up this springtime.

We have provided the following tips on how to monitor your AC unit during the winter to help reduce your chances of needing an AC repair in Brandon, FL.

Filter Checking and Changing

The monthly filter change can easily be neglected in the winter time when you may turn off your HVAC unit more often and honestly forget about them. It’s important to remember to change the filter at least every three months, if not more often, to ensure the filter provides the right air quality for when you do utilize it for your cooling and heating needs. If you feel the air quality in your home is lacking, remember to call Bloomingdale Air and we will clean your air ducts for you providing you with allergy-free, quality air.

Refrain from Extreme Temperature Changes

This wintertime you can expect temperatures to span anywhere from the mid-30s to the high 80s. This promotes opening windows, wearing sweaters and sweatshirts inside, or starting a fire in the fireplace if you have one. You may not realize that the climate changes that you experience in your home can impact your air conditioning system. Simply put, your AC unit works much harder when windows are opened. By turning off the unit and keeping the windows closed, you can run ceiling fans and keep a more consistent climate in your home that doesn’t overwork your AC unit. This strategy will also save you money on electric bills.

Regularly checking and replacing your air filter and keeping your windows closed in the winter time will provide your home with better air quality that doesn’t overwork your AC system. If you need your AC unit fixed this winter, please call the best AC repair company in Brandon, FL.

To schedule an AC repair in Brandon, FL, please fill out our service request form or call us at 813-685-2665.


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