Tips for Improving Air Quality in your Home

When you move into a home, you settle into a pattern. Work, taking the kids to school, cooking meals, and entertaining becomes the weekly norm. Even if you are a neat person, there are certain things you may forget like being mindful of the air quality in your home. It’s easy to forget. Unless something dramatic like a gas leak happens, you may not give it much thought. However, poor air quality can make your family sick and rob them of their health with time. Poor air quality has been linked to numerous respiratory disorders as well as headaches and chronic fatigue.

There are specific steps that we can all take to preserve the air quality in our home. This article list three tips that, when implemented, will allow you to breathe easier. These include:

Reducing Humidity in Your Home

Humidity is a factor in every home, especially in humid places like Brandon. However, too much humidity can lead to mold growth. Mold can lead to respiratory disorders, including Asthma. Using a dehumidifier can help. Make sure you do not have water leaks in your home. Always open windows in the kitchen while you are cooking a meal. Also, empty your air conditioner’s water pan. If you believe that your AC unit is inhibiting the air quality in your home, contact a Brandon AC repair company immediately.

Vacuum the Carpet Regularly

Carpets are notorious for tracking dust and, over time, this dust can build up and lead to respiratory disorders. Your carpet is especially dangerous because, unlike tile or wood floors, the dust sinks into carpets and is difficult to detect. Vacuum your carpet once a week to ensure that it remains clean and dust-free.

Crack a Window

While this may sound like a reaction to bodily emissions, it’s critical that you open up the windows in your home once a day. All homes, including large ones, get stuffy with time. Opening a window allows fresh air to enter the home and filters out dust, odors from synthetic fragrances and any nauseating fumes.

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