Getting a Closer Look at Cooling Systems – Part 1

Did you know, not all cooling systems are created the same? Believe it or not, there are air conditioning systems that can cool as well as provide heating. Others circulate cool air throughout an entire home, while some systems can only adjust the temperature in a single room. When considering a new air conditioning system, it is important to take a closer look at all your equipment options, including what you should know about recommended routine maintenance and AC repair in Brandon, FL. In this two-part series, you will learn more about the numerous differences between air conditioning units.

Split System or Packaged System?

Air conditioners come in various shapes and sizes. Knowing which cooling system is right for you depends on your home, your cooling or heating needs, and your budget. Frequently, an AC assembly is comprised of two systems—an indoor and an outside unit. In a split system, like this example, the indoor unit has an evaporator coil and is usually linked to a furnace or heat pump located indoors, while the outdoor unit contains the condenser and compressor and is housed outside. Generally, the indoor unit can enjoy a long life as long as you keep up with regular maintenance and change filters frequently.

When all the components—evaporator, condenser, and compressor—are manufactured into one unit, it is considered a packaged system. In this case, the single unit is stored outside and does not have an additional component within the house or building. Being outside, this system experiences more damage from the elements and may require that you find AC repair in Brandon, FL, FL when the weather gets precarious. At a high level, packaged systems have less noise due to the fact that all the spinning and whirling happens outside of the property at hand. Additionally, packaged systems are considered to be an optimal choice for small spaces that cannot fit the indoor unit of a split system.

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