Different Types of Air Filters

Air filters may not be on the top of your wish list this December, but perhaps they should be. After all, you should replace your filter every month or two. If you abide by this rule and regularly monitor and replace your filter, you could make the argument that filters make very strange yet effective stocking stuffers this holiday season, albeit a very large stocking.

If you are in need of air conditioning service in Brandon, FL, please give us a call at Bloomingdale Air. If you are simply in the market for an air filter this holiday season, there are actually three popular types of filters to choose from.

Fiberglass Filters

The most popular type of filter is the throwaway one. Usually reinforced with a metal grille or grating, fiberglass fibers are precisely layered on top of each other to form this type of filter. Fiberglass is the most common and affordable option for your home.

Polyester and Pleated Filters

Designed similarly to fiberglass filters, this type of filter simply has a stronger foundation preventing less dust from seeping through and producing more effective resistance to airflow. Typically, these filters are much more expensive than fiberglass ones, but also more impressive.

High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) Filters

Considered the most sophisticated and effective filter option, HEPA filters are used by the U.S. Department of Energy and its contractors and reportedly filter over 99 percent of all particles. While every other type of filter becomes less effective the longer it has been in use, HEPA filters actually become more efficient the longer it has been in use.

Although it’s an unusual gift idea for this holiday season, stocking up on filters can be a beneficial idea to ensure the air quality of your home is at its best.

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