Larry Kimbro

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Bloomingdale Air means integrity, knowledge and service at competitive prices! In Florida it is never pleasant to be without air conditioning. However, when experiencing those unpleasant life events, we would not consider using any other HVAC service company than Bloomingdale Air! We have been customers with Bloomingdale Air for the past 15+ years. Recently, we had to retire one of our systems after 16-years of almost continuous use. I had assumed that Bloomingdale Air would simply read the information off of the existing unit, price and install. I could not have been more wrong. The attention to detail in sizing the proper replacement system included measuring each room, inspection of our duct work, and taking into consideration many variables unique to our home. Combined with a superb installation, a competitive price, what more could one expect! After the new system had been installed Bloomingdale Air advised us to monitor our power usage. The efficiency that we realized in our new system was a very pleasant surprise! We had one month where our electric bill was less than $80 which was less than half for that time of the year. Job well done, guys! Very satisfied customer!

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