Kathy Steinfeldt

Google Review - Jun 23, 2017

This company is a small family owned business and you will get exceptional care from them. We have been relying on Sean for our air conditioner repair and yearly maintenance for about 3 or 4 years. He is very thorough and explains everything about how you can take care of your ac equipment better so it will last longer and run more efficiently. We recently bought a new home with a new ac and had Sean come to check it out for us. He found multiple safety issues with it and also did the research to find out where it was purchased from in the first place so we could contact them to get them to permit it and repair the problems with it. He spent extra time to do all of this and got it running more smoothly. He is professional, efficient and knowledgeable and we highly recommend him and his company, Bloomingdale Air to anyone we know. You can't do better than this company.

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