Jacqueline Lilley

Google Review - Sep 26, 2018

Absolutely STELLAR customer service! This evening I came home to my 1B apartment in the High 80s, with my dog panting and myself already feeling icky, I had to make some calls, first to dad and then the Bloomingdale Air! Making an appointment was easy, the representative was so polite and patient with my probably too detailed description of my issue, informed me my tech would call to further discuss my problem. Not 5 min go by and Bill calls! He immediately informs me that he, unfortunately, couldn’t get a tech out to me tonight (which instantly I thought welp this stinks) but then comes to the rescue by in full detail walking me through the wiring process of my new thermostat to make sure I had set it up correctly. Upon investigation, I hadn’t, but he was extremely helpful and fixed my seemingly simple issue in less than 10 minutes. Throughout the entire call, I was low key waiting for “here’s your balance due” none whatsoever! He even offered me 5% off any future repair or service! Even though I called Bloomingdale Air as an emergency because I couldn’t get ahold of my apartment manager or emergency maintenance, but to be very honest, I would HAPPILY pay money out of my own pocket to have them come out for all future repairs instead of the apartment emergency maintenance just due to this AMAZING customer service from start to finish. Really blown away! Thank you Bloomingdale Air!

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