Gregory Czaus

Google Review - May 12, 2017

I called Bloomingdale air several years ago when I was having an issue with my AC and split controls. It was July or August and on a Saturday and they made time to get out same day by some miracle. I was ecstatic with the service and vowed they were my New AC's company now and into the future. Fast forward a few years and I needed a new AC and decided to price shop. Ended up going with another company to save a few dollars. Major mistake and cost me more in the end. The other company much larger that I will not mention sent a team of 2 that could not get the new unit to run. They took all day and into the night and had to call other technicians in only to find out it was not wired correctly. They sent another technician the next day to double check everything where he made some tweeks. A week later I noticed my unit never turned off. One of my zones was always colder than thermostat was set and my upstairs bonus room was HOT as it had very little air flow. I called a ticket in and they sent one tech that ruled out the AC and stating it was an issue with the Zoning and he thought a wire to a damper motor was cut. He sent a tech that was suppose to be experienced with zones the following week. This is when the fun starts. The Tech showed up 2 hours late and spent three hours diagnosing the issue and running a whole new wire to a damper motor which made matters worse. He left and charged me $300 stating that I had to change all my damper's and would send another person out to quote but to expect $800-1200's. Knowing that something was not done correctly and losing total confidence in company "A" I called Bill from Bloomingdale Air whom I never met but have spoken to on the phone over the years. He squeezed me in the same day. Bill Bill quickly determined several things: 1.) The motor that the other company installed was not installed correctly and quickly corrected that issue 2.) Determined the wiring that the company did was completely wrong. They disconnected it from the Zone 2 Damper and wired the Zone 2 to a recirculating pressure damper. I am probable butchering that but needless to say wired to the wrong equipment. Bill spent the next 30 minutes undoing all the work the other company did and found the root cause of the issue. He found the actual Damper for the zone that was getting too much air and was drawing air from the second zone and the damper was stuck in the open position. He broke the circuit and reestablished the circuit that allowed the damper to close. He fined tuned a few things and VIOLA. After he put spent most of his time putting everything back to original he diagnosed and fixed the issue in 10-15 minutes. He recommended leaving the motor in place "as it may not happen again" but if it does fail again to replace the motor which will permanently fix the issue. He did this at a fraction of the cost of the $300 service call of the other company. and the Dampers turned out to be fine. Long story but in the end this is a reputable, honest, knowledgeable company with experienced technicians as I worked with several and all are high caliber. I will recommend them to my family and friends without hesitation and could kick myself for moving away just to save a few dollars. They are my air conditioning company moving forward!! Thank you Bil!! You took a stressful situation and made it easy. You also saved me another $1000 minimum that would not have solved anything especially if they changed the wrong Damper!!! PS he also spoke to the other company which he did not have to do as I could not explain all details and helped to get me a credit for the service call. ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!

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