Christine Hooey

AngiesList Review

I am so impressed, I called last night about 30 minutes after closing time. Unfortunately their was a discrepancy between the Angie's List posted hours of operation and Bloomingdales Airs actual hours of operation. Which was easily fixed as soon as I mentioned the Angies List website and their hours didn't line up. It is immediately apparent these people listen and react to issues. The receptionist was kind and friendly, very helpful. David was my service technician. Despite being fully scheduled for the day, he came out to my house anyways. He did a full diagnosis, I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate him going through my inside system thoroughly. I had another companies technician come out and tell me I need a $700 repair. David at any point could have slandered the other company for a false diagnosis, but he was very professional. He never once said they were wrong, he merely told me what he found wrong and repaired it. It is so refreshing to have a company come out and tell me what's wrong, how they are going to repair it, answer all my questions, and not try to sell me something. Don't be fooled by the $84 diagnostic fee, it's worth every penny because the techs get paid to do their job by the owner; not by making a commission on what they can sell.

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