Benjamin Cash

AngiesList Review

I have actually used Bloomingdale A/C several times, but only just signed up for Angie's List so decided to leave a review. I've only had experience with one technician, Bill (maybe he's the owner, I'm not sure). I've never been anything less than completely satisfied with his work and price and I've recommended him to friends in the area. Once my A/C went out late in the evening, so I called a 24-hour service. They came out and gave me an estimate, but were unable to get the part before the next day. So I called Bill the next morning and asked him for an estimate for the repair the other service had quoted for replacing the blower motor and his price was almost 1/2 as much (~$250 vs ~$450) so of course, I had him repair it. (I don't remember all this, I just keep all of my receipts!) In the spirit of full disclosure, I will add that a minor annoyance I experienced was that once he allowed a small amount of the blown-in insulation in my attic to get sucked into the compressor when he had the cover off (my compressor is in my attic) which then was promptly distributed via the vents throughout my house. But I suppose these things happen. Anyway, as I mentioned I just signed up for Angie's List to look for an auto-repair shop and decided I'd see what kind of ratings some of the other services I'd used had gotten, and decided to add one for Bloomingdale Air.

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