Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them Part 1

We are in the thick of the summer and with each day it becomes increasingly critical to have a properly functioning air conditioning system. The absence of one can be the source of great misery for families throughout the Brandon area.

While we all want our AC fixed immediately, it’s important to understand what problems require an air condition service in Brandon, FL and what you can handle prior to our arrival. Doing so will allow us to work quickly to solve your problem and get you cool.

In this two-part series, we will discuss a few common AC problems, how to address them, and how to know when it’s time to call in an AC technician. For more problems and fixes, visit part 2 of this series.

My Air Conditioner Will Not Turn On

A common problem with a variety of sources. It can stem from either your electrical system or from the AC itself. Check the your breakers. Look to see if one of them has been blown. Also, check to make sure that the breaker connected to the compressor, condenser, or air handler units are in the “on” position. There may also be a wiring issue which an electrician may need to address. In terms of the AC unit, check to make sure all switches are in the “on” position there as well. If you have a condensation overflow tray, its sensor will trigger the unit to shut off, if the tray becomes full.

My Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air

Issues involving a lack of cold air typically originate from the unit itself. If you are not getting cold air, there may be a lack of refrigerant. A lack of refrigerant is a sign that there may be a leak. You can add refrigerant yourself, but ultimately, you will want to contact an air condition service in Brandon, FL to properly address the issue.

My Air Conditioner has Poor Air Flow

Air flow problems are typically caused by issues with ductwork or filters. Your air filter should be cleaned or replaced every three months. If it has been longer than that, air flow could be restricted by dirt build up. Ductwork may be blocked or crimped as well. You can check in your attic to determine this or contact technician to handle this for you.

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