American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to cooling and heating your home, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning systems are the most dependable and affordable you can buy. What’s more, Bloomingdale Air installs these products with attention to excellence that creates peak performance and value for years to come.Take a look at all the great choice and let’s create a custom solution to enhance the life you live.


Technology Behind the Comfort

  • American Standard Air conditioner, Outdoor unit, AC condenser

    Air Conditioners

    Built for the single purpose of keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long. American Standard air conditioning units are unsurpassed when it comes to performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

    • Variable capacity, multi-staged and single stage models available.
    • Energy efficient performance with ratings up to 21.00 SEER.
    • Quiet operation with sound ratings as low as 55db.


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  • American Standard brand Heat pump condensing unit, Conpressor

    Heat Pumps

    A heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer. American Standard heat pumps are an efficient, economical heating, and cooling solution, ideally suited for the Florida climate anytime of the year.

    • Variable capacity, multi-staged and single stage models available.
    • Energy efficient performance with ratings up to 20.00 SEER.
    • Quiet operation with sound ratings as low as 54db.

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  • American Standard brand Air handler, Electric furnace, or Fan-coil

    Air Handlers

    Uniquely designed the ForeFront air handler by American Standard will deliver newly conditioned air into every corner of your house. Our innovative construction offers superior efficiency, humidity control, and indoor air quality compared to all other brands.

    • High-performance variable speed blowers available.
    • Positive pressure double-wall cabinet design.
    • All-aluminum coil with electronically regulated refrigerant flow.

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  • American Standard brand Gas furnace, Natural gas or propane indoor heating equipment

    Gas Furnaces

    The majority of modern homes trust their heating needs to the reliability and efficiency of a natural gas furnace. Purchasing a new American Standard gas furnaces will guarantee comfort, by keeping your house warm, and your utility bills lower all winter long.

    • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings up to 97.3%.
    • Two-stage heating and variable speed blowers on select models.
    • Corrosion resistant stainless steel heat exchanges.

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  • American Standard brand Evaporator coil, Indoor cooling coil, or Cased coil

    Evaporator Coils

    An essential part of a matched air conditioning system. American Standard HVAC indoor coils are specifically designed to work with natural gas furnaces to transfer heat efficiently from your home throughout the hottest days of the year, keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

    • Aluminum design delivers durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Foil-faced insulation makes routine AC maintenance clean up’s a snap.
    • Dual sloping, composite drain pan eliminates standing water reduces bacteria.


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  • American Standard brand Mobile home package unit, all in one system

    Package A/C Units

    Get all your heating and cooling comfort needs satisfied in a simple all-in-one package. With innovative features and precision craftsmanship, American Standard packaged HVAC units offer flexible, energy-efficient solutions tailored to fit the specific needs of older home construction and manufactured housing.

    • Quietest packaged systems on the market.
    • Natural gas and all-electric options available.
    • Attractive streamlined appearance.


    Package A/C Units


  • American Standard brand Ductless mini split system

    Ductless Mini Split Systems

    Ideally suited for sunrooms, bonus rooms, and hot bedrooms, these modern and stylish HVAC systems are a perfect addition to an existing home or new addition. Consisting of an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump and connected to an indoor wall mounted air handler. American Standard ductless heating and cooling systems offer just the right amount of comfort to fit your space.

    • Energy efficient performance with ratings up to 27.00 SEER.
    • Ultra quiet operation with indoor sound levels as low as 23dB.
    • Single and multi-zone systems available.

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  • WiFi programable thermostat, HVAC temperature controls


    Whether you are looking for a Wi-Fi enabled, 7-day programmable thermostat or just the basic digital comfort control. American Standard and Nexia, a leader in home automation, have teamed up to offer a complete whole home solution designed to simplify your life while providing precise control over your indoor climate.

    • Monitor or control with your smartphone from anywhere and anytime.
    • 7-Day programmable schedule or create up to six daily one-touch presets.
    • Large easy to read and simple to use touch screen displays.

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