Deborah Arnett

Google Review - Jun 13, 2017

Sean at Bloomingdale Air has got to be the BEST AC TECH in the area!!! He is very thorough in diagnosing the problems and solved everything with very affordable repairs. When he came out he also identified a very serious wiring issue that I had just paid another local electrician to fix. I recommend Bloomingdale Air to everyone that is looking for a company you can trust, which is so hard to find these days. Bloomingdale Air IS the company for all your AC and Heat services. Thanks, Sean!!! The above review is an update from services rendered today, June 13, 2017. I have removed my previous negative review. I hadn't even noticed Mr. Carver's response. Yes-thank you for admitting we are in a world of "things happen sometimes".I am so glad we got past all that because when Sean came out to service my AC-I realized I was dealing with a company very different than any other. IN A GOOD WAY!!! You guys deserve more than 5 stars. We have been living without AC for over a year -have been told every lie under the sun by several other AC companies and couldn't afford the cost of their repairs. I was at my wit's end and decided to try your company again since no one actually ever came out the first time. I'm so glad I did because as I am typing this I'm sitting in a cool house for the first time in over a year and I could afford the repair!! Thanks Bloomingdale Air!! I have to suggest that you wrap Sean's truck with that cool logo since he is an excellent representative for your company!!

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